Boundaries are identified as rules or limits that we establish to protect our security and wellbeing around others. We have to identify and express to ourselves and others these boundaries to help us feel safe and secure. Boundaries help create an environment for everyone to be themselves and meet their needs (Coppock, 2021).  

Benefits of Healthy Boundaries 

  • Conserve Emotional Energy: Setting and implementing boundaries will help you conserve your emotional energy and put you in a better mental state.  
  • More Independence and Self-Esteem: Emotional and physical boundaries will help develop autonomy and independence. Maintaining assertiveness about your boundaries will help boost your self-esteem.  
  • Better Relationships: Having the ability to create and maintain boundaries can increase respect in relationships. Relationships with your partner, family, and friends will improve by setting healthy boundaries.  

Examples of Boundaries  

  • Saying “no” without feeling guilt 
  • Taking responsibility for your actions and emotions 
  • Feeling supported by your loved ones 
  • Not feeling responsible for other people’s emotions 
  • Stating physical boundaries 

Four Tips for Practicing Healthy Boundaries 

  1. Be assertive.  

You are using assertive language to state and maintain your boundaries. Assertive language is clear and non-negotiable.  

  1. Learn to say “no.” 

Become comfortable with saying “no” and understand that you can say no without an explanation required. Learning to say “no” is a great way to maintain assertiveness.  

  1. Safeguard your space.  

Set physical and emotional boundaries and communicate these boundaries to your friends and family. Explain your emotions to your friends and family if these boundaries were to be broken.  

  1. Get support if needed.  

If you are struggling with creating and implementing boundaries, reach out to someone you trust or get professional help with creating and establishing these boundaries (Owen, 2021).  


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