April Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Vincent

Jennifer Vincent


Substance Abuse Team Lead & Therapist

What is your role at Georgia HOPE?:

I am a therapist and team lead on the Substance Use Team at Georgia HOPE. Through my role as a therapist, I provide individual counseling services for adults and adolescents, lead Relapse Prevention and Dual Diagnosis groups, and perform drug and alcohol assessments for Cherokee County Drug Treatment Court.

What led you to Georgia HOPE?:

I came to Georgia HOPE because I have a passion for ensuring individuals and families have access to quality mental health care through community counseling resources. Additionally, I was looking for a program that valued a team approach, with clients having access to psychiatric providers, therapists, and client support specialists. The more support we can provide as a team for a client, the better! 

What would you say to someone that is struggling with Substance Use Disorder?:

I would tell someone struggling with a Substance Use disorder that there is hope for a better life and that therapy can help them work through the painful emotions that draw them towards substances to cope. Additionally, I would want them to know that there is no shame in asking for help, with many clients expressing the relief they found once they decided to enter treatment to find purpose in their story. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Georgia HOPE?:

In my role as a therapist, I enjoy witnessing clients experience that “aha!” moment in session where they gain new insight into their feelings and behaviors. Similarly, I feel passionate about helping guide clients towards a life filled with hope and meaning. I never take for granted that it is an honor to hear my client’s stories and walk alongside them through the dark nights of the soul. As a team lead, I enjoy both case management and supporting my team members emotionally to ensure they have the resources they need to continue providing their excellent therapeutic services. 

If you’re struggling with substance abuse or would like to refer someone you know, we’d love to speak to you further. HOPE is here. Contact us today.

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