Our Teams

Medical Team

Georgia HOPE provides a type of quality psychiatric care that is not often found in the community mental health environment. At the helm, is our Medical Director who facilitates an atmosphere of ethical and sound psychiatric oversight for our team of providers and clinicians. Psychiatry appointments are made available through both in-clinic appointments, as well as through the use of telemedicine, which allows us to expand our reach to areas that have little or no access to quality psychiatric care.

Clinical Team

Georgia HOPE is home to a diverse team of therapists, who are dedicated to the health and wellness of our clients. Our clinicians are the very heartbeat of our agency and it is often through their guidance and support that clients are able to make real and lasting change. Our Clinical Team ranges from Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, as well as many specifically trained in a variety of mental health specialty areas.

Community Support Team

Georgia HOPE utilizes a team approach in addressing the complexities of mental health care. At the forefront of this model is our team of para-professionals who work in close connection with the Clinical and Medical Teams to ensure the varying needs of our clients are addressed. Through the Community Support Team, clients are given the opportunity to build coping skills and relapse prevention strategies, connect to community resources, and receive valuable parent skills training.

Peer Support Team

Georgia HOPE would not be complete without the work of our Peer Support Team. Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) provide our agency with the most valuable guidance:  lived experience. The goal of a CPS is to give insight on the complexities of living with a mental health or substance abuse disorder. This knowledge often stems from symptoms that they themselves experienced at some point in life and their feedback helps to enhance our effectiveness by providing compassionate guidance to the consumers we serve.

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