Our Philosophy

At Georgia HOPE, there are three pillars that drive the philosophy of our work.

We value Community-Based Services

Georgia HOPE believes in meeting our clients where they are, quite literally, which is why 90% of our services occur in the homes or schools of those we serve.  For a good portion of our population, transportation barriers cause a hindrance to accessing counseling services. Therefore, we do the only thing natural:  We go to them.

We are committed to Integrated Healthcare

In 2015, Georgia HOPE became one of the first behavioral health providers in the nation to be recognized as a Patient-Centered Specialty Practice.  This is a fancy way of saying that we are committed to serving the whole person. When an individual enters services with us, we begin communicating with his/her primary care provider to ensure that we understand how their mental health may be impacting their physical health, and vice versa.

We believe Recovery is Possible

The term “recovery” is oftentimes only associated with substance abuse. However, our definition of recovery includes any person who is working to regain stability of mind and body. We know that both mental health and substance abuse can be lifelong journeys.  But we believe that achieving a life of recovery is possible for all.