Mental Health Awareness

As a society, we have become more accepting of mental health and placed higher importance of taking care of our mental health. To effectively and appropriately care for our mental health, we must have mental health awareness which includes understanding mental health, warning signs, and wellness.

Mental health is emotional, social and psychological well-being, but an individual’s wellbeing can be negatively affected by factors such as family history of mental health struggles, life experiences (such as trauma) and biological contributions. When experiencing these adverse factors that negatively impact mental health, you will experience warning signs that alert you of mental health problems.

Warning signs include isolating yourself from others, decreased motivation to complete tasks, over or under eating or sleeping, feeling hopeless or numb, increased conflict with friends and family, mood swings, and thoughts of suicide or self-harm. If you are experiencing these warning signs, there are steps you can take to promote a positive well-being. These steps include receiving professional help from a counselor, exercise, reaching out for support from friends and family, utilizing coping skills, and engaging in self-care such as getting eight hours of sleep.

Being aware of your mental health including warning signs of mental health problems allows you to engage in wellness and preventative activities to promote positive well-being. 


If you’re struggling with mental health issues or would like to refer someone you know, we’d love to speak to you further. HOPE is here. Contact us today.


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