May Staff Spotlight


School Based Mental Health therapist in Catoosa County

What is your role at Georgia HOPE?

I am a school base therapist at a few elementary schools in Catoosa County, helping give tools to the kids who are experiencing struggles that they cannot fully handle on their own. 

What led you to Georgia HOPE?

I first learned of Georgia Hope during my undergrad internship with Catoosa County Public Schools, and loved seeing how the therapist at the school was a part of the community there. 

What would you say to teacher or school admin to help a distressed student in the classroom?

When a child in the school is escalated and the teachers or admins are trying to help calm the child down, I would tell them to stay as calm and patient as possible and listen to what the child is saying to figure out what has triggered them. If possible, take them out of the room away from possible stimuli and talk with them. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Georgia HOPE?

I really enjoy the communities that schools have and being able to work with the children. They make me smile and give me new perspectives all the time.

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