June Staff Spotlight

Khayla Smallwood

Therapist and Team Lead for Region 3

What is your role at Georgia HOPE?

I am a Therapist and Team Lead for Region 3

What led you to Georgia HOPE?

Georgia Hope has well-rounded services with the collaboration of skill-building, therapy, and medical services. I wanted something that gave clients the most support.

How would you help a client that is processing the loss of a family member?

When processing grief with clients I try to keep three things in mind: be sure that I meet the client where they are, provide resources because grief continues after the session, and remove all expectations because all feelings and responses are valid.

What do you enjoy most about your role at GH?  

My clients are always my why, but my Region has been so supportive and it feels like a family. I love work environments that are so healthy that they don’t feel like work!

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