July 2022 Staff Spotlight

Nori-Lynn Truscott

  • What is your role at HCA+Georgia HOPE?
    • I work as a therapist and group facilitator as part of the Accountability Court team.  I also provide therapy services for a few adult DFCS clients. 

  • Tell us what led you to HCA+GH? 
    • When I first moved to Georgia in 2018 I posted on a Georgia therapist list-serv that I was new to the area and gave a description of the type of work I was hoping to find.  Someone currently working at Turning Point (now HCA) saw my post and invited me to come in for an interview—as they say the rest is history!

  • How do you encourage a client about the importance of self-care that doesn’t have any self-care habits?
    • As a therapist I know the importance of true self-care both for myself and my clients.   I also know that many people see self-care as being “selfish” and a big no-no for a lot of us.  I’m big on metaphors so I may talk about what you should do if you are on a flight with children and the oxygen masks drop—whose do you put on first?  Many clients are surprised that they have to put their own mask on first—but when I ask them to think about why most will realize that if they pass out they can’t help their children.  Once that is understood people tend to be more open to creating a self-care routine that will help them reach their personal goals as well as be the best parent or partner they can be

  • What do you enjoy most about your role at HCA+GH? 
    • Being a therapist is not just a job for me—it my way of giving back.  This is a second career that I began at an age most people are thinking seriously about retiring.   I believe providing help where help is so deeply needed (even if not always wanted!) is a way to help make the world a better and safer place for all of us.
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