Supporting your Child in Adjusting to a New “Temporary Normal”

The last few weeks for many families have been spent making sure basic needs are acquired, accepting the need to change most plans for an uncertain amount of time, and overall just wrapping minds around our current status. There is a range of feelings regarding school being canceled, parents losing jobs, and the possible illness […]

Georgia HOPE TeleMental Health Services

Georgia HOPE is a provider of Mental Health, Substance Use, and Family Preservation Services. Our Recovery Services Division (Mental Health and Substance Use Services) provides Community Based and School Based Services in 26 counties. Additionally, these services are available via TeleMental Health throughout the entire state of Georgia. To learn more, please visit us at […]


With COVID-19 pandemic, it can feel overwhelming for both parents and kids when it comes to school and their kid’s education. That’s why we’ve put together some of our top educational resources from toddlers to K-12. Check out our resource list below and reach out to HOPE with any questions, we’re always here. COVID-19 What […]

growth through adversity

It is safe to say that many are living in a time characterized by uncertainty, doubt, and for some, fear of their future and wellbeing. These hard feelings create a noticeable tone in our society that is hard to ignore for any age. With bare store shelves, emphasis put on social distancing, shelter in place […]

Parenting Tip: Substance Use Prevention During COVID-19

Anyone else feeling the stress of homeschooling right now? I know I’m not alone in that! What about stressors of having to work from home with kids there, losing a job, not having access to valuable resources, worrying about medical issues?  Many parents, guardians and adolescents are facing a big change in their lives right now…being […]