2020 is behind us but we have a long road ahead. Did you know? 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year1 in 25 U.S. adults experience serious mental illness each year1 in 6 U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year50% of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75% by […]

Did you know that November is National Adoption month? A month set aside to raise awareness about the urgent need for adoptive families for children and youth in foster care. Here at Georgia HOPE, we work to assist the whole family system and the communities they are in. If you are a foster and adoptive parent, you […]

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month Domestic violence affects millions, both women and men, of every race, religion, culture and status. It’s not just punches and black eyes — it’s yelling, humiliation, stalking, manipulation, coercion, threats and isolation. Tragically, more than 10 million Americans suffer at the hands of loved ones each year, and women […]

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September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. If you have a friend or family member in recovery, it’s great to find ways to show your support. Everyone’s recovery journey is different, but having support from loved ones is helpful for anyone in recovery. Here’s some ways you can show support: Accept them without […]

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September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Recovery Month: promotes the message that recovery from substance abuse in all its forms is possible highlights the benefits of substance abuse treatment encourages citizens to take action to help expand and improve the availability of effective substance abuse treatment for those in need honors the contributions of treatment providers […]