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Human Trafficking Awareness Statistics in the Mental Health Field

Over 21 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking, with more than 800,000 enslaved each year (Human Trafficking, 2021). In the United States, there have been 11,193 reported cases in 2021. Since 2007, there have been a total of 5,557 reported cases in the state of Georgia. That is around 396 human trafficking victims […]

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Setting Small, Manageable Goals in the New Year

As the year ends, we start to think about the resolutions we want to set for the upcoming year. These resolutions or goals may be for physical health, new habits, finances, or focus on your mental health. Whatever the goal may be, making significant long-lasting change is difficult. When we fail to achieve these goals […]

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Most Common Mental Health Diagnoses

In the United States, 52.9 million adults experience a mental illness, and 7.7 million youth ages 6 to 17 years old experience a mental health disorder. The most common of these mental health disorders are anxiety disorders. In the United States, over 40 million adults have one or more anxiety disorders. For children ages 3 […]

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The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are identified as rules or limits that we establish to protect our security and wellbeing around others. We have to identify and express to ourselves and others these boundaries to help us feel safe and secure. Boundaries help create an environment for everyone to be themselves and meet their needs (Coppock, 2021).   Benefits of […]

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Persons With Disabilities Mental Health Statistics

December 3rd is International Day of People with Disabilities. This is celebrated to recognize and value the diversity of our community and to better understand and learn from the experience of those living with a disability (International Day, 2020) According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, disability is defined by a physical or mental […]

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Survivors of Suicide Stats and Mental Health

The mental, emotional, and physiological effects of completed suicide can adversely affect many but especially those closest to the individual who completed suicide. Suicide survivors are classified as people who have lost someone they had a close social relationship with when they were alive. Survivors of suicide are at an increased risk for struggling with […]

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Parent Services & the Importance of Quality Time

At Georgia HOPE, we believe in the strengthening of the family unit. We do so by providing affordable services to individuals and their families. More specifically, we offer parent skills training, individual/family counseling, and group counseling. With these services, we can assist you in meeting identified goals for yourself and your family. Whatever your need […]

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Random Acts of Kindness And The Importance Of Community Mental Health

Kindness builds connection and connection builds community, and with community comes togetherness, which turns to community perseverance. Togetherness is such a great protector of a community’s overall mental health. How do we get there in a society that is so individualized and separate from one another in real time? We start with being bold, intentional, […]