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Decreasing Stigma of Suicide

What is the stigma behind suicide? Here are a few marked differences in stigmas: -Stigma: “A Mark that denotes a shameful quality in the individual so marked, or a quality that is considered to be shameful in a certain individual” -Social Stigma: “Prejudicial attitudes and discriminating behavior directed towards individuals with mental health problems as […]

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Importance of cultural competence in MH treatment

Receiving culturally competent mental health care is not only important, but often critical for many individuals (especially POC communities). However, what is cultural competency? Cultural competency means that, as a provider, one is able to interact effectively with people of different cultures, by incorporating their unique beliefs, behaviors, and needs into their diagnosis and treatment […]

July 2022 Staff Spotlight

Nori-Lynn Truscott What is your role at HCA+Georgia HOPE? I work as a therapist and group facilitator as part of the Accountability Court team.  I also provide therapy services for a few adult DFCS clients.  Tell us what led you to HCA+GH?  When I first moved to Georgia in 2018 I posted on a Georgia […]

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Categories of Self-Care

Self-care is a wonderful way to promote mental wellness and a healthier relationship with oneself. Self-care can mean many different things, and may look different for everyone. There are eight different categories of self-care: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, personal, environmental, financial, and work/school/caregiving. (Willowstone.org, 2022) Examples of each category of self-care include: Physical -sleep or […]

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Raising Awareness of Stigma for Minority Mental Health Treatment

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. This aims to bring awareness to the unique struggles that racial and ethnic minorities communities face in regards to mental health in the United States. Some of these struggles include: less access to higher-level mental health care, discrimination/racism, more vulnerability to being uninsured, less access to culturally […]