August is Family Fun Month! Georgia HOPE offers an array of services to meet the individualized needs of our clients, families and communities.  Today we would like to highlight the services we provide for the family. Georgia HOPE offers family training and family counseling. The goal of family services includes: strengthening family relationships, providing psychoeducation and providing linkage to community resources. Our primary goal is to meet our clients, and their families, where they are in life and walk with them through the varying changes and challenges life can bring.  Family services offers, not just support for the client experiencing the mental health or substance use need, but offers support, education, and counseling to the family as well!  We wholeheartedly believe recovery is possible for everyone!  

Our Social Services team also offers parent training and behavior aide services. Developing healthy, functional and strong families is the main objectives of parent training. Behavioral aide services assist by providing transportation and additional support for families. Through our family training and counseling services, families can learn how to navigate life’s challenges. These challenges may include: barriers in communication, navigating social media, how parents can support their LGBQT+ teens, bullying, and establishing rules and boundaries. 

Georgia HOPE’s motto is “Hope lives here“!  We aim to provide hope to our families and individuals within the community. 

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HOPE is Here

If you or anyone you know could benefit from family services, we’d love to speak to you further. HOPE is here. Contact us today.

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