Adjustment Disorders: When should I seek treatment?


So, what are adjustment disorders?

Adjustment disorders are characterized by mild to moderate impairment and can often be felt as depression and/ or anxiety, feeling hopeless, crying, worrying also more physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach aches. In children and adolescents these symptoms can also include acting out, being more clingy and more irritable moods. This commonly occurs within 3 months of a stressor like losing a job, moving, getting married, divorce, having a baby etc. This disorder usually lasts no longer than about 6 months once the stressor has ceased.

When should I seek treatment?

When symptoms last longer than 6 months and/or your symptoms become more problematic and debilitating such as longer lasting depression and anxiety not enjoying things that you used to like doing and isolating more it is time to seek services such as therapy and possible medication. Please seek immediate help if you are feeling suicidal.

HOPE is Here

If you’re struggling with adjustment disorders or would like to refer someone you know, we’d love to speak to you further. HOPE is here. Contact us today.

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